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Body for Life is a contest held by Bill Phillips and his company, EAS (Experimental and Applied Sciences). It is a million dollar contest with thousands of participants from all ages and all walks of life. Bill Phillips is challenging people to set goals for themselves in improving their health and work toward achieving those goals by dedicating 12 weeks to proper eating habits and 3 hours a week to physical fitness training in order to maximize their potential for total health.

The best part about this contest is that if completed, everyone wins. It may not be a monetary gain but it’s even better, it’s a gain in their self-esteem and their total quality of life. When the 12 weeks are completed most people have developed healthy habits that drastically improve the way they look and feel and therefore continue to progress towards achieving new personal fitness goals.

Anyone can enter. Any age, sex, size, goal, etc... Anyone who wants to change their physique and their life. Don’t you want to live up to your potential? You are the only one in control of your physical capabilities and are the only one who can improve the way you look and feel.

Rick and Tonya are both official Body for Life contest coaches. They successfully completed the 12 week - 1999 Body for Life transformation challenge. Only 6 out of every 100 people who entered completed the challenge. It was an experience they would like to share with the public and one that creates an extremely motivating incentive for people to get into shape

For more information about the contest - rules & regulations and entry package - plus a tremendous wealth of free information about getting into shape visit :


Neither One on One Fitness, Inc., nor Rick and Tonya Yancey are affiliated with EAS in any way. They do not receive endorsements for promoting the Body for Life Challenge or EAS products. They only believe EAS is a company who is providing the public the plain truth about getting into shape and becoming healthy at any age.